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For anyone steering a business or trying to grow, changes in customer behavior are hard to miss in recent years. Today’s customers are informed, discerning, and armed with an abundance of accessible information. Their expectations have soared higher than ever.

So, what's the answer? In response to this shift, companies need to focus on creating continuous engagement rather than just driving transactions.

We see each customer as the protagonist in their unique story. Our services revolve around crafting user-focused experiences that not only excite but also reassure potential prospects at every turn.

Our goal? To entice new prospects, engage them with timely and relevant information, and ultimately nurture them into becoming loyal customers.

Luke Plating

Philadelphia, PA

Founder of Protagonist Digital. Digital marketing and CX professional. Elevator of brands and solver of challenges. Skilled in content strategy, human-centered design, and experience design. Certified in PMP, Design Sprints, Lean, WebFlow, and HubSpot. Enjoyer of sci-fi, rock climbing, and walks with Freddy the dog.

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Caleb Allen

Chattanooga, TN
Principal Strategist

Business Development and Project Management pro with a background in Operations, Vendor Procurement, and Software Sales. Experienced in negotiating key partnerships and scaling business solutions. Skilled at driving growth and managing projects to success.

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Lydia Barton

Indianapolis, IN
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and experienced in UX, Graphic Design, and Social Media Marketing. Specializes in storytelling and enjoys exploring new Adobe/Figma features. Passionate about the psychological aspects of color in design, whether in branding, packaging, or web design.

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Emily Highsmith

Chattanooga, TN
Interactive Designer

Emily Highsmith is an interactive designer with five years of experience, whose passion for design was ignited by the way-finding and advertisements she encountered in art museums as a child. Driven by a relentless curiosity to explore and learn, she crafts compelling designs that draw viewers into a deeper discovery or experience. When not engaged in design, Emily can be found immersed in novels, experimenting in the kitchen, or adding to her growing board game collection.

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Laura Krajewski

Indianapolis, IN
Content Marketing & Brand Strategy

Content Marketing Professional specializing in B2B SaaS sectors. Expert in crafting and refining written materials, with a strong inclination towards teamwork and interdepartmental collaboration. Committed to forging and nurturing meaningful connections.

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Tucker Krajewski

Indianapolis, IN
Senior UX Designer

Tucker Krajewski is a Senior UX Designer with seven years of experience, specializing in creating straightforward user experiences that simplify complex challenges. He champions adaptability, iteration, and collaboration in his design approach, fostering strong relationships with his team. Outside of work, Tucker enjoys life with his wife, Laura, and their dog, Chip.

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Bryan Sanchez

Chattanooga, TN
Business Development and Marketing Specialist

Business student specializing in copywriting, business development, and digital advertising. Knowledgeable in marketing analytics and trends, Bryan enjoys staying updated on the latest industry developments and implementing innovative strategies.

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"Teaming up with Luke from Protagonist Digital has been a game-changer for us. His comprehensive approach has propelled our customer engagement strategy to new heights. From email marketing to drip campaigns, social media management, and website support, Luke has covered all bases with finesse. His customer-centric approach and deep understanding of the digital landscape have delivered impressive results. It's been a blast working with Protagonist Digital!"

Mark Basla
Former CMO at DVIRC

"Protagonist has been an exceptional partner for Bridge Innovate. Luke's digital proficiency and leadership have been instrumental in helping us generate and nurture leads into successful projects. With Luke's expertise and Protagonist's CX approach, we've not only refined our internal processes but also enhanced our strategy design work, ultimately empowering our clients to create outstanding experiences for their customers."

Jenny Whitener
CEO at Bridge Innovate

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